(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-22

First tries at using the v1.1 landing system didn't go quite so smoothly? We made up a guide for you to make it nice and simple!

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-03-21

New official Arena Commander Pilot's Guide is available for Arena Commander v1.1

A must read for new and veteran pilots. A pilot's guide to CIG's most ambitious patch yet, adding many new features, ships and retooling the foundations of Star Citizen.


Updated w/ Handy graphics of the default control mappings...

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-06 - Public Test Universe v1.1 was launched, but many report not being able to use quite yet.

UPDATE - Tip on possible fixing for stuck Launcher

UPDATE - BREAKING: 1.1 Issues on the PTU - New PTU patch being built.


As James Pugh put it during Reverse The Verse: v1.1 is "coming in hot". Difficulties getting it working can be attributed to a lot of changes under the covers: 64 bit floats for map addressing, new damage systems, REC, new weapon mount system and new skeleton for animations. Could even say it's coming in heavy at 30+ GB as well.

Many citizens and civilians are chomping at the bit to get a taste of this release, with flyable Gladius and Hangar ready Retaliator, but most will have to wait.

PTU has been unstable to unusable for folks, even launching and patching not working yet. Announcement of it's existance has been pulled from the header of the main site.

Patience is advised.

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-02-28 - Thanks to /u/MrHerpDurp for capturing this chat conversation with CIG Technical DesignerMatt Sherman (the Dev who discussed ship balance in Around the Verse Ep 33). Also thanks to /u/H3ssian who transcribed the chat screen shots.

We can see that there are some very significant balance changes and bugfixes going into this impending next major release. Fixing weapon mounts to prevent oversized weapons from being placed there being a major one:

  • 1: CIG Matt Sherman, The Monoboat super hornet loadout is pretty much going away in 1.1 All the longstanding mount/size issues are getting cleaned up, so possible guns are going to actually start reflecting the ship specs more.

  • 2:CIG Matt Sherman, REC is happening in 1.1, but we haven't confirmed a set release for when melting VD items could be possible since that system is still in the works.

  • 3:CIG Matt Sherman, @Stoic: Mount points on ships are getting cleaned up because currently, mounts are letting people equip larger guns than intended to different hard-points. The biggest change is going to be a ships loadout will more accurately reflect the size-limits noted on the ships-specs.No more loading s2 weapons on a s1 Canard and the likes.

  • 4: Question. So no class 2a or 2b size 2 gimbal mounts that can mount size three weapons? Cig Matt Sherman: Those mounts should all be removed in 1.1 and replaced