(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-21 - The latest episode of CIG's The Next Great Starship is now available.


  • Sandi checks in with the members of the surviving teams.
  • Mustang reveal as an interview w/ Concept Artist David Hobbins.
  • Announcement of the winner of the Wild Card vote.




(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-21 - It's a Mustang folks! (Totally called it.)

Sandi revealed on her Facebook that the mystery ship is a Mustang!

(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-14 - Episode #3 of  the Cloud Imperium Games production "The Next Great Starship" was released today.

In the style of the fairly popular reality tv competition format, teams compete for thirty thousand dollars and the honor of designing a ship that actually gets placed into the Star Citizen universe.


Several teams have already been eliminated. (You won't see me posting spoilers, watch the video.) The community can now choose one team they can bring back in the "wildcard" poll: