Null(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-05-11 - After the judges of 'The Next Great Starship' made really hard decisions, the community is left with its own difficult decision. Which two teams should be saved and go through to the next round?

While 'Shimapan' and their 'ugly duckling' as well as the 'Shard Collective' made the next stage this week, and 'InfiniteXueMonkey' and 'Talon Corp' last week, the following six teams are now part of the save pool.

More information on each team can be had through the links below, and be sure to check out their final presentions.

Vote page is here!

Null(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-09 - The Next Great Starship modeling round is done, now for the final save vote. Six teams have been eliminated but you, as a member of the community, can vote to save a team of your choice. Top two get to compete in the final phase of the competition, culminating at the finale currently scheduled to be shot Saturday June 7th.

Before you vote, let us take a look at the "save me" presentations of the teams. FYI - There is significantly more in some cases since you saw in the show, and some are different than on the official site (as we checked the teams' YouTube channels to find the most up to date). Please do have a look.

(Citizen Star News) -2014-04-25 - The Next Great Starship Episode 10, same format as last week, Sandi introducing, Chris spending the bulk of the time giving the teams feedback. (Notes and timeindexes after the break.)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-18 - Back from hiatus, the Star Citizen ship design competition changes of the format. Chris Roberts essentially hosts solo (after an intro from Sandi Gardiner), looking at the teams' videos  and then interviewing them about how they've been doing. (Notes and teams w/ time indexes after the break.)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-04 - We see a lot more of the DFM this week.



  • Sandi talking about Alienware donated towers so attendees of the PAX East event can try out the DFM. Quite a challenge getting them to have enough memory and graphics power. (Uh oh, is my rig going to hold up?)
  • Meet the team
  • Various flashes of different aspects of the DFM with technical details and tidbits of where we are and the challenges the team faces.
  • Check in with the TNGS teams as they move forward with the work to present their designs for the final contest.