Ricko is the man in charge of The Base. He used to DJ for Eve-Radio for a period of two years and spent countless hours in various online games through-out the years. When he's not busy managing the station or hosting a show, he likes to relax with some World of Tanks, or spend time with his family.

(The Base) - 2014-06-28 - Eric "Wingman" Peterson does a surprise drop in at Star Citizen's Premier Online  Radio Station, The Base!


Listen in here.

Note: Delayed post, actually published on - 2014-06-19

(The Base) - 2014-06-11 - The Base scoops an interview with Ben Lesnick and James Pugh with Episode 1 of Around the Verse freshly in the can.


Take a listen HERE.


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(The Base/Ricko) - 2014-04-30 - Trendane and Ricko, of The Base, had the great pleasure of having a conversation with Ben Lesnick, James Pugh and Will Lewis of Cloud Imperium Games. Many questions were asked, not many were left unanswered! Find out some details about the Dog Fighting Module, what Chris Roberts is all about to his employees, their thoughts on the Star Citizen community and everything in between! And even get some exclusive news concerning the "gifting system"!

To listen to the interview (minus the music) follow this link.

(The Base/Ricko) - 2014-04-21 - The Base's very own Ricko had the great honor to spend an hour with Star Citizen composer Pedro Camacho for a great conversation. Pedro goes on to explain his past history with music and gaming, where at one point he was a ProGamer for StarCraft!

Following this interview, Ricko was invited onto Geekdomo's StarCast and proceeded to invite Pedro on StarCast live to share more of his great music!

(Welcome Ricko and The Base to Citizen Star! Glad to have you here. - Ed.)