(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-29 - We are declaring victory and the victors to the first Pitch Fork Challenge held 2014-08-23 in Palo Alto, CA.


An excellent kick off for Operation Pitchfork and Citizen Star events. Winning competitors were very close, heavy competition.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-09 - Citizen Star News is proud to announce its first esports event!

In partnership with Operation Pitchfork and with sponsorship by Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium Games, (in the form of donation of ship prizes) -- the first Pitchfork Challenge & LAN party will be held August 23rd 2014 in Palo Alto CA. You'll have to be present to enter the contest, but we will be having an online presence as well, probably streaming live from the event.


Prizes: First Place - Super Hornet LTI Weekend Warrior package! Second Place - Hornet F7C. Third Place - Gladius.
+ Assorted swag to be announced. There will be additional prizes and giveaways associated.

See the full story for more details!

(Ajax News Network/Cozmo) - 2944-07-29 - Today an inforunner delivered a report from Cozmo, an intrepid journalist with Ajax News Networks, a news organization who specialize in covering the news from Operation Pitchfork and the struggle against the Vanduul. Cozmo appears to have been injured in the course of an investigation, and we hope he made it to a med-bay after completing this recording.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-03-01 - Gamgee, Founder of the Operation Trident organization has dissolved the group, citing fractured motives and internal politics. The movement was founded in October of 2943 by reputed pirate by the name of Zeno, as a counter to the independent pilots intent on facing off with the alien Vanduul threat, Operation Pitchfork. Gamgee later founded the official organization. Trident was seen by some as a peace movement and by others a thinly veiled cover for pirates and privateers to operate with some level of claim to moral high-ground.

Trident is fully dissolved. I doubt you'll ever see the moniker again. Now if those same people choose to use another title is something else entirely. I found the majority of people who claimed to join Trident were in it for themselves. I feel they have enough organization to reform into a new group purely in it for profit. If they ever want to unify again. ~ Gamgee

(Citizen Star/News) - 2944-02-26 - Editors Note: The following is a guest editorial that does not represent the views of the Citizen Star/NEWS or it's staff. It does however bring up salient issues that do deserve to be addressed, and so we present here in the pursuance of an informed populous and intellectual debate.

Salvete. I’m UltraMaud, Grand Alcator of the Moose Legion, and your lecturer for this evening. I’m going to try and discuss some of the various issues that we face in such a diverse verse, and what that means for the broader community of sentient folk out there. This is a fascinating, almost overwhelming time to live in, and sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at the broader context. I hope I can help you do that.

Tonight, we’ll be talking about Operation Pitchfork, and whether or not it constitutes an ethical movement.