Elwin Bachiller

(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-04-27

Lance Powell Supervisory Director CIG (Interviewer, for the most part)

Elwin Bachiller Sr 3D Artist (Ships and making ships possible by making pretty polygons) (Interviewee)

(Citizen Star News) - by Nighthawk - 2015-04-05

NullPhotocredit: Tiffany Chu (used with permission)

Guest Speakers:

Gurmukh Bhasin - Concept Artist

Elwin Bachiller - Senior 3D Artist

Omar Aweidah - 3D Concept Artist

Forrest Stephan - Lead 3D Artist

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-02 - Ben and Sandi host this episode.

Citizen Con coming up. Videos being edited. Something they can't talk about. Swag bags.

PAX AUS tickets still available.

People are receiving constellation models. Any broken or missing models will be worked out. Just contact support.

Patch 13.1 is out!