(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-20 - CIG/RSI released a new video, covering the PAX East event (unveiling what was called the Dog Fighting Module or DFM, but now dubbed Arena Commander) in all it's glory and pain. Pulling no punches at how difficult things were, but also showing how incredible everything is when it works. Additional video created after PAX East goes into how things went on the show floor (timeindex 22:44) and (23:15) after PAX getting into some interesting new details about the helmet flip animation, missile countermeasures, flying around in your space suit and free flight modes.

In spite the difficulties, press and fans overall seem to have judged the reveal a success, and eagerly await deployment of the alpha. Of particular note is how Hardware manufacturers and integrators are so interested, because they know Star Citizen will be driving hardware sales like nothing in recent history.

PAX East was also a treasure trove of information, several in depth interviews has revealed quite a bit of detail about what is coming in the next months even years.

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(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-14 - Most Valuable Poster Bridger and his crew, presented by Team Legacy, Unrepentant Gaming, and the Sound Strategy Network, give us a rundown on the events of the Dog Fighting Module (aka Arena Commander) and the PAX East event.

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-10 - It was a pretty rough livestream. There were some great moments, fantastic bits and pieces. But great difficulty -- crashing systems, crashing ships. Long minutes of panicked technical folks trying to fix the live demo. Chris held up well but was clearly disappointed. In the end I think I would still count it as a success.

Sound in the DFM by the way, fantastic. Both sound track and effects are spot on perfect, in this observer's opinion.

Chris' thoughts after the demo, courtesy of Gamers Nexus:

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-10 - Today is a big day for Star Citizens. Reveal of the first of the gameplay modules at Pax East. Even those not lucky enough to attend can join in via the livestream. Follow Chris Roberts’ dogfighting presentation live starting at 9 PM EDT (-4 GMT.) The stream will be presented live on Twitch. Another step forward for Cloud Imperium Games, who are taking an extremely founder Chris Roberts' extremely ambitious vision and turning into very real, visceral gameplay.


(Citizen Star News)- 2014-04-09 - On the eve of the Pax East Event, and the Dog Fighting Module reveal, Eric Peterson joins us for another Wingman's Hangar. This one a bit short as everything is being thrown at getting the DFM ready.

Studio Update focuses on the DFM. With gameplay footage!