(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-19 - The long awaited Constellation Variant release was initially extremely well received. Pumping up much enthusiasm and raising nearly $2 Million in funding over it's debut weekend. However, issues with the stat page and details of the ships lead to confusion, which lead to anger, which lead to the dark side of the community. Some purchasers looked over the stats page and where impressed by the Luxury Phoenix's out-of-the-box combat capability, and surprising upgradability (to Class 7 engines!?). Some purchased the expensive and limited ship for combat purposes. Unfortunately the stats page was a result of incorrect merge and was corrected to be only slightly superior to the other ships. Forum Fallout ensued.

The Phoenix is not intended to outclass the other ships of it's line. It has understandably, as a luxury limited edition, upgraded base equipment. Most of which will be purchasable for the other variants. It trades some of it's offensive capability for defense, with it's anti-missile point defense system. The Andromeda should actually have greater offensive potential, not to mention far superior hauling. But as in all things, subject to change as the game develops and ships are balanced against each other.

Designer & CIG Community Lead, Ben Lesnick has announced that anyone who feels they've been hoodwinked into buying the Phoenix may apply for a refund (even on applied ship upgrades) and support has been instructed to grant such requests. He does request some patience, since this will be a manual process and may take a few days to get through the tickets.

PSA From Disco Lando