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(Citizen Star News) - By Citizen Ed - 2014-10-27 - Relatively straight to the questions since they are all busy finishing off 13.2. Chris did take a moment to talk about the control systems, and particularly about the improvement to his favorite - Joystick - in the upcoming Patch.

Summaries and time-indexes...

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-10-27 - YouTuber extraordinaire Byronyk gives us his StarGuide Sunday, a frenetic 10 minute monolog of Star Citizen news, pics and juicy tidbits. New looks at the Reclaimer, Redeemer, StarFarer FPS Weapons & Idris Utility ship!

Also SuperMacBrothers and a summary of the SCFPS (Star Citizen First Person Shooter) Redacted takeover by HoppingMadMedia...

(Citizen Star News) - By Citizen Ed - 2014-10-28 - Travis Day was able to take time out of his day, Friday evening - Oct 24th, right after his excellent Comm-Link on the Ship Pipeline was published.

Topics covered include:

  • The Ship Creation Pipeline
  • What is a Manticore? (New ship listed on the status part of the comm-link, apparently by accident.) - 3:10
  • What is a Xi'An Volper? - 4:42
  • Travis' current role(s) at CIG - 7:05
  • FPS features in AC II? Capture the Idris mode - 11:26
  • Recent changes and restructuring of the responsibilities and staff. 16:14
  • Release Schedules, and the delays - 18:41
  • Damage states, possibility of Procedural Damage States - 38:08
  • Suprise appearance of some guy, went by the name Chris Roberts? Who? - 39:56
  • Star Citizen Imagine video - 48:09
  • Patch 13.2 details about how joystick controls are improved - 54:07
  • Extra Life Charity & James Pugh's livestream - 1:02:00
  • PAX Aus and FPS - 1:04:18

Bonus - Next day, during CIG Assistant Community Manager James Pugh's 24 hour livestream for Extra Life:

Star Citizen Producer Travis Day Answers Questions about the First Person Shooter Module...

(Ctiizen Star News) - 2014-10-12 - Citizen Ed here, back from the big event! Exhausted and happy. The event went extremely well, by all accounts. Some audio issues, but started on time, stream was pretty solid, Cutlass commercial was great, and demos went well. A real sense of accomplishment, and the planetside demo gave us a real sense of what it will be like to actually play this game.

Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games has come a long way, in spite healthy skepticism by much of the 'net.


The two hour live event had a great retrospective of the last two years, were we are now, a peak at what has been under developement, new ships, and a surprisingly candid look at the roadmap for the future.

(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed) - 2014-10-10 - Headed out to Citizen Con! Just a quick plane trip away. Even less by M50.

Do have a question for someone at CIG? Let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can track them down!


And Happy Birthday Chelsea!

On a personal level, I know that we've not been putting out as many stories as usual in the last bit. Have quite a few in development, but haven't made it out. I know a couple of Org Profiles are held up, apologies to anyone waiting on an article we've not yet published. A bit busy here at Citizen Star HQ, but we'll get better.

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