NOTE: (This article started as a news update but became something more. I slapped the Blog tag on it to indicate that part of this post is personal opinion and analysis, and am adding this note to make sure that is clear. - Ed.)

(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed) - 2014-05-31 - Recent progress reports and chat comments are leading us to believe the critical and blocking bugs holding up the v0.8 release of the (pre) Alpha of Arena Commander (previously known as the Star Citizen Dog Fighting Module) are all resolved. The weekend will spent testing and seeing if any new bugs have been introduced or old bugs reappeared.

UPDATE: Ben Lesnick was a guest of Guard Frequency today. He's passed along from Travis Day that no new blockers have cropped up. A few new bugs, but nothing too bad so far. Go/No-Go meeting is slated for Monday morning.

This will be a critical test of the production process. We keep hearing about "change one thing and several other things break", which is quite concerning. Hopefully in this tightly change controlled environment, this can be kept to a minimum. We could potentially see a release early next week. This would be a relief to people involved with The Next Great Starship as the pressure in the live broadcast with an audience on June 7th would likely be not desirable.


Why is this so hard? Why are people upset about a few day delay? What does this mean about the future?