(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-12 - Some sad news today... but perhaps a portent of bigger and better things? Well known and widely celebrated cryengine aficionado and youtube video creator known as AnythingFPS and I-Pearl-I announced the closing of his YouTube account. This clearly talented individual is obviously ready to tackle some new projects in his life and I can't help but wish him all the success in the world.

AnythingFPS is well known for pulling assets out of the game files and putting together creative and amazing videos (as well as Pearl's playground, a hack to the hangar in the old days that allowed us to play around with all sorts of in game assets way before CIG was ready to release them). He's had a huge impact on the Star Citizen community and I suspect the game as well. He set the standards for community videos for years to come, and many have come to Star Citizen out of interest in his videos and those of the other artists he's inspired.

Please enjoy this "Greatest Hits & Tribute" video put together by DeepStar Corporation:

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-22 - Wes of The Hull Truth, "WeAreTheRomantics" and Romanticorp fame took us out on a Twitch test flight in the Aurora, Hornet, 300i and even managed to get a buggy in space. Pretty amazing to see.

Recording of the twitch stream is available here.

Talented graphics hacker AnythingFPS put together a test/play framework from the existing Hangar Module (Patch 11). Presumably the environment he used to create this video: