(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-07 - Chris Roberts opens this episode by showing off some very nice gifts from Valinor Aerospace, a Tolkien inspired in game organization for Star Citizen.

(Notes and time-indexes after the jump. -Ed.)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-30 - Chris Roberts digs right into answering our burning questions...

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-23 - Chris Roberts bobblehead helps to introduce today's 10 for the Chairman. (Timeindexes and notes after the break.)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-16 - Freshly returned from the Squadron 42 summit, Chris Roberts takes a few moments to fill us in and answer a few questions. Quite an extended intro today speaking to IFCS, Flight Model and Physics. First Question isn't until 16 minutes into the video. (Time indexes and notes after the jump)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-09 - Chairman, Chris Roberts, answers your burning questions. (Summaries and timestamps after the jump.)