(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-24 - New episode of Chris Roberts' "10 for the Chairman"


  • A look at "Spacewreck", a book by CIG Concept Artist David Hobbins
  • Drake Herald and info runner functions (including PvP?)
  • Matchmaking algorithms
  • "Top speed" mechanic
  • Cargo in space Tractor Beams, airlocks
  • Idris! Armory, Medbay, & Briefing room



(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-17 - Another informative question and answer session with CIG head Chris Roberts.


  • Focus on single seater fighters for the DFM v1. (Not just Hornet)
  • Corporate Taxes intended.
  • No Org v Org War Decs.
  • Oculus Rift Support update
  • Prize ships if you fight off a pirate

(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-10 - After a bit of a rough week with people getting frustrated and critical on the forums, response to the newly broken out "10 for the Chairman" show has been met with near universal praise. Previously a segment within the popular Wingman's Hangar show, this new format showed off a more relaxed amicable Chris Roberts who was able to speak more enthusiastically about upcoming features and developments of the Star Citizen universe.

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