(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-16 - Most Valuable Poster and Publisher of the Pulse online magazine, @Feylan, and this site's own Citizen Ed (@CZenStar fka @Transhumanitarian) have decided to join forces and pool resources for the betterment of those who would report on, or play space journalists in, Cloud Imperium Game's Star Citizen by forming the UNN NEWS Association.

The association is a joint effort and recognition of shared goals between two projects: Feylan's Universal News Network/UNN and Transhumanitarian's Citizen Star/NEWS.

(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-02-16 - For immediate release:

Universal News Network/UNN and Citizen Star/NEWS are proud to announce the joint venture of the UNN NEWS Association, for the assistance of journalists throughout known space and beyond.

Brainchild of the UNN's Feylan and NEWS' benefactor known as the Transhumunitarian (Citizen Ed or just simply Ed in some circles), who have decided to join forces to bring about their shared vision of a strong vibrant free and neutral press in the post-Messer era.

The UNN NEWS Association will be providing to its members press accreditation, standards, communication forums, distribution channels and representation to various entities throughout the civilized worlds and otherwise.

All organizations everywhere are encouraged to work with the UNN NEWS Association as everyone can benefit from having a free and neutral press active in the 'verse. We can cover traffic updates, faction relations, battles and blockades, and the spread of the Vanduul threat. It doesn't matter if you're a trader, a pirate, a merc or a miner, knowing what's happening in the galaxy could save your life. To do this we need to be able to operate in both UEE and lawless space, in dangerous areas and combat zones, while minimizing the risks of being shot at by PMCs, pirates or what have you.

To that end UNN NEWS Association continues to negotiate free passage and cooperation agreements with organizations of all dispositions.

(Update - 2014-02-21 - Sandi follows up to tell us what the units are: Prizes for the winners of The Next Great Starship)

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-15 - Cloud Imperium Games' Sandi Gardiner (@SandiGardiner) has been teasing us on twitter and facebook with some pretty interesting looking computer cases. Since this is unannounced we can bet this is a potential partnership with nothing written in stone. Could even be just a custom batch for privileged employees in lieu of a raise, who knows?


EDIT: More details on this case: Maingear's SHIFT. Also Maingear would appear to allow customizing the colors of the cases at order time. So the colors pictured may just be examples of your options.

UPDATE: During a follow up Sandi stated, "These 6 towers are prizes for the winners of 'The Next Great Starship'. I am still in discussion with MainGear if we change the look of these towers. I will pass them on your feedback." Makes a lot of sense to me. Which is not to say they wouldn't sell them if there was a clear demand.

Let us know in the Disqus comments whether or not you'd buy and which case style you'd purchase. (More pics after the break.)

(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-14 - Episode #3 of  the Cloud Imperium Games production "The Next Great Starship" was released today.

In the style of the fairly popular reality tv competition format, teams compete for thirty thousand dollars and the honor of designing a ship that actually gets placed into the Star Citizen universe.


Several teams have already been eliminated. (You won't see me posting spoilers, watch the video.) The community can now choose one team they can bring back in the "wildcard" poll:


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