(Citizen Star News) - Gerald Evans - 2015-04-30

(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-04-27

Lance Powell Supervisory Director CIG (Interviewer, for the most part)

Elwin Bachiller Sr 3D Artist (Ships and making ships possible by making pretty polygons) (Interviewee)

(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-04-25

This week’s new Citizen Star - /u/HunterSCcomic aka Adrian Nitisor - Brings to us “Hunter” - A very promising Star Citizen Fiction Web Comic. Great work so far and hope to see much more.

Correction: /u/HunterSCcomic is the artist Adrian Nitisor's Reddit account. Thanks to /u/Zudratha (which we initially listed as the author of the work) for straightening this out and pointing out the Hunter webcomic in the first place.

(Citizen Star News) - 2015-04-23

Thank you StarCitizenNewsRadio

Hull Series will be flyable approximately smallest to largest. No real estimate for any particular date or Hull.

Stats page will be updated Soon(TM) (two weeks) Using new weapon stats.

Cluster bomb launcher. BFG for FPS. Travis enjoyed playing with.

Travis - About half-way through the back end rewrites – The FPS module will probably also include be a new improved version of the launcher/patcher.  This is also delaying FPS a bit.

(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-04-23 

Updated w/ notes by Gerald Evans!