Wingman's Hangar Episode 70


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-21 - Beginning of the last three Wingman's Hangar episodes, counting down to 72. Eric "Wingman" Peterson hosts us at CIG Austin.


Justin Binford & Gerard Manzanaras QA (Austin)

Take a look at Vanduul swarm

Death of a Chatroll - Hal9000 visits thanks to Logante

New Hires

Foundry42 CIG UK, Senior QA Testers:

Will Clark

Geoff Coffin

Andy Nicholson

Foundry42 CIG UK, 3D Artist:

Nic Etheridge

Inside CIG

Visit the office w/ Nosecam! Well received as usual. Zooming past grumbling devs to the QA Cave.

Live QA in it's natural environment.

Terraform beam is lethal!

Forum Feedback

Q: Will tech evolve and expand as the game as the game gets older?

Yes. Everything evolves. Ships getting better for example.

Q: Size and detail of Arena Commander maps be indicative of the final game?

No, they are doing double precision maps

Q: Colorblind Citizens UI? Arena Commander or later?

Some consideration in the AC more later

Q: NPCs What can they do on their own?

Factory node for example, you are upper level management.

Q: Custom uniforms by corporation?

Neat idea. So they want to. Approval process. May try to do this. Similar issues to Nose Art.

Q: Tactical weapons other than damaging.

Distortion canon, messes with the "pipes" energy, ecm.

Q: Crazies? Religious Zealots Factions like "Reavers"?

Will be human opponents. Some may be crazies.

Q: Organizations band together. Alliances?

Yes. They want do alliances.

Q: Smuggling Mechanics?

Yes secret compartments. Ways to try to block cargo scans. UEE will always be trying to

Q: Free slaves on a ship, will they help you seize the ship

Slaves are an abstract, cargo at this point. So no.

Q: Team fatigue on Arena Commander, can the team take a vacation after the release?

Trying to balance. Take vacations when can.

Most Valuable Post

Will and James award the MVP to Deathwish - Star Citizen Browser Themes for Chrome

Interview - QA

Some quick views of the Vanduul "swarm" They didn't seem to be moving much, but we see them be shot apart.

Very traditional blackbox testing, get a build and try out the pieces, probably checklists.

Leaderboards on the website.

"Strike Team" A core group of testers from the community. Getting access to extra bug reporting tools.

Preview of TNGS impressive looks at the competitors, several may make into the game, even if there will be only one "winner"

Giant Gift Opening

Caffeine related gifts is a running theme (Maple Bacon Coffee? Holy...)

Scotch (on the condition that it stay corked until the DFM released)

Wok - stir fry for Wingman's Weight

Close with a Hazy Thought