Wingman's Hangar Episode 67


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-30 - New set? Yes, we begin with a fast forward of them putting it together. Looks good. (Notes after the break.)

Studio Report - Inside the Community Team

Sandi Gardiner, VP of Marketing, talks to us about her marketing strategy from the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign.

Ben Lesnick about how he was brought in early, as he had been "keeping the faith alive" around Wing Commander

William Lewis, the new guy, Lead Moderator. Also handling LA/Santa Monica office tours

James Pugh, Assistant Community Manager

Forum Feedback

Rob is back, barely made it.

Q: How would the UEE handle players finding a Bengal and running a UEE Carrier?

They will be found out on the Fringes. Derelict fixer upper. Will likely be ignored as long as they stay on the fringes. Won't be able to bring back? Rob does not answer what happens if you do insist.

Q: Stasis vs Game Time

Respawn options, captured PCs become NPCs when respawned, trying to avoid situations were you can't play since you are in stasis.

Q: Fourth Land option on Earth was a stretch goal, where is it? Has it been chosen?

Not defined yet.

Q: Would we need to spend money on R&D in our factories, if yes can we share it?

Factory upgrades aren't really R&D but instead facility upgrades. Better equipment and such. May eventually have an R&D mechanic, but that's not currently planned.

Q: Pirates kill PCs, they respawn and can report? How does that work?

If you kill someone in UEE space, then people will know. If away from the communications infrastructure, then even if you know who did it you may not be able to "press charges" because you don't have enough evidence. May be a minigame of find the transponder or black box, so you can prove your attacker is the pirate you say he is.

Q: Character have their own name? Relationship to handle?

Characters have their own name. Some of this has not been fully worked out yet but there is a COMM-LINK on it.

Q: SQ42 Add on missions? Available in the PU or Coop?

Will be missions in the PU, but SQ42 addons will be Coop/Single Player.

Q: If we get killed in space does the ship stay there?

Eventually despawn, but not quickly.

Q: Test drive ships? Fly before you buy?

No. No plans, although subscribers get test drive token.

Q: Santa Monica has the best dogfighters in the company?

They've been the main team developing it, so have been dogfighting the longest. So maybe? While defending Austin's honor and capability, Rob and Eric grudgingly gave that honor to Santa Monica ...for now.

Most Valuable Post

Will and James, no Ben this week.

Angry Peas - 'The Verse' Board Game


David Swofford CIG Media Relations

(Good guy, we've talked a bit. - Ed.)

Recapping his experience at the beginning of the campaign.

What is Media Relations?

Awesomeness of the community.

Relationship with the media.


Preview of TNGS

Fan Gifts

See you in the 'Verse!