Wingman's Hangar Episode 66


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-23 - There were some audio issues today, they are aware of the problem and fixing. This article will be updated with the presumably fixed YouTube video.

Update: Video released on YouTube:

Cinematic Summit ongoing in Austin

Budgets are larger than expected, 1000 page script, may need to be cut down a bit. Chris estimated $10 million to shoot with performance capture. Wing Commander was 400 pages, which is about were Chris wants it.

Forum Feedback w/ Chris and Erin

(Actually Eric cleverly combined the interview with the forum feedback, switching back and forth between forum questions and some of his own.)

Q: Insurance replacement for ships lost during the commission of a crime. How is that going to work?

Pirate insurance may cover the item insurance, but yes outside of Hull insurance - Customization & Item Insurance and Cargo Insurance will be hard to get paid off on in that case. May also be hard for the victim if they are operating in "risky" space.

Q: Will player be able to own items that create items? Approval process?

Can own economic nodes, which can create items. Custom items will probably not part of this system. Nodes/factories may have set production types. Certainly not custom items that do not exist yet in game.

Q: Will we be able to customize our ground "FPS" weapons? Scopes etc.

Yes. Planning to have the same sort of customization as for ships.

Q: Mining Colony

Shubin mining base -- Building out the whole interior of the 6 km station. White boxing finished in the next few weeks. All this will all be in the final game (Persistent Universe) as well.

Q: Updates to private servers, can we cherry pick updates?

Asset packs, yes sounds like that is possible. Updates sound like they will be a bit manual.

Q: Heavy vehicles such as "tanks"? Can you use your ship as a bomber?

Yes capital ships. Idris and Retaliator. Big plans in SQ42 and that should translate to the Persistent Universe. Not much near term for tanks.

Q: Time in the PU, 1 day equals 1 day?

Don't think 1 day equals 1 day? Scaled time? Each day be 2 hours of real time?

Q: Fuel usage

Fuel drives maneuvering jets and thrusters, more than one fuel type. Hydrogen the basic.  Vendors. Metagame/resource management on your fuel.

Q: Selling in game items credits, grey market, make money off the game.

Chris - I don't mind the innocent stuff... doesn't like the "chinese gold farmer" and will try to inhibit that. Would like someone to be able to make UEC from something like being the best weapon overclocker. Whether or not you'd be able to transfer that into real dollars is complicated, and too early to say.

Q (from Eric): Have been playing games togethere a long time. What was the most fun Erin, Chris, and Eric all playing together?

Chris - Command and Conquer

On the live stream, sound cut out at this point, as they switched to Ben for ...


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