Wingman's Hangar Episode 65


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-16 - Another great episode of Wingman's Hangar. A little shorter than usual, but to be expected with everything going on. No studio update or interview, just the other usual elements. Good Forum Feedback. (Notes and timeindexes after the break.)

Week Recap


New Hires

  • Stephen Rutherford - Sound Designer - Foundry 42
  • Ricky Jutley - Production - Foundry 42


Asteroid Hangar PBR quick preview

PAX East - Great time, not completely, next one in Germany. Cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm and support.

Forum Feedback

2:52 Q: NPCs in the Verse: Do they get better at their jobs.

They will get better, but different NPCs have different caps, different potentials.

3:32 Q: Possibility to infiltrate police and LEOs? Can't imagine such a universe without corruption.

Corruption is possible in the verse, but it won't be players. LEO needs to be a tool for CIG keep certain types of players in check.

4:22 Q: Idris be able to land in space stations or planets?

Not sure yet. Given the changes to frigate has put it all in question.

5:04 Q: Will be able to develop our own HUD designs and release them to the Verse.

Short answer No. Very complicated, so probably not.

6:00 Q: Missiles dodged or evade? Evasions by flight skill aside from countermeasures, asteroids, and flares?

Yeah, sort of. Countermeasures best bet, but the missiles have a max flight time then explode.

6:46 Q: Certificates? For certain jobs? Medical, Search & Rescue, Bounty Hunting

No merit badges. More of reputation thing. No gating liscences

7:38 Q: Are there plans to introduced g-force tolerant flight suits?

Yes. They have plans to offer suits that counter act some aspects of this.

8:15 Q: Cockpit design different on salvaged restored/sold ships?

No not really. Not running into random one off ships all that often. Making a ship is a big deal.

10:00 Q: Capture planets as bases? Set Landing fees etc? How will other

Not whole planet ownership to start. This would be more space stations, and there would be boarding actions and clearing out your opponents

10:45 Q: "This is bullsh*t" t-shirt requested

Awesome moment in the reveal. Chris said no.

11:58 Q: Rob's "Parker Terrel for Imperator" t-shirt gift from David Haddock.


Amun Khonsu - UFO Sightings (Actual Photos)


  • DFM v1 is the future focus.
  • TNGS back from hiatus, some previews
  • Dog Fight Recap coming up. Chris Roberts will take us on a deeper tour.