Wingman's Hangar Episode 64


(Citizen Star News)- 2014-04-09 - On the eve of the Pax East Event, and the Dog Fighting Module reveal, Eric Peterson joins us for another Wingman's Hangar. This one a bit short as everything is being thrown at getting the DFM ready.

Studio Update focuses on the DFM. With gameplay footage!

Crunching for dogfighting, working on getting a stable build for Pax East. Live stream probably on twitch or at the RSI web server.

No 10ftC next week. Chris is too busy.

DFM - Looking good but a lot of work left to do


New Hires

Heidi Frohling - QA

Jason Cobb - joins full time as Audio Technical Designer

Studio Update

The DFM. With footage. Laundry list of bad things happening along the way debugging this thing. But when it works it looks good. This was a nice bit of expectation management and an attempt to let us know how difficult things are. Very exciting, looking great when it works, but clearly going to need some time to be released.

Forum Feedback

Rob busy with the DFM, they are going to roll over the questions into next week.


Hammertime, can't touch this. (That joke might make more sense when you watch the segment.)

Octavious - "Big Starship Classifications Compared to Naval's"

Fan Focus

Our friend Bridger, who we've often featured here, and the "Sound Strategy Network" youtube channel.


Everyone is working on the dogfighting module, so no guest

Close with fan gifts