Wingman's Hangar Episode 61


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-19 - New Wingman's Hangar streamed on Twitch this morning. And now (finally) available on YouTube.

(Updated with additional videos, time indexes, and notes.)


Eric is at GDC. So his portion was prerecorded last week right after WMH #60, but that didn't stop him from having a great show.

Studio Report

First test of Performance Capture.

Michael Morelan hosts this segment. Chris Olivia directing the performance capture. Apparently scenes are being acted out for Squadron 42. Chris does have a motion picture background (IMDB), but not usually in the director's chair. A lot of detail about how performance capture is more than just motion capture, tracking the facial expressions as well.

Forum Feedback

07:00 - Q: Can we get update on female avatar progress?

A: Model is (pretty much) finished, has been approved. Working on space suit. Not fully mo-cap'ed. When is it coming? Soon!

07:43 - Q: Can you give more details on how autopilot will work? For example, how far will you have to be from objects/other ships to activate it, and will it follow "waypoint/tradelanes" or just go direct to from A to B?

A: Well known fixed Nav points from any location in system (your own nav points are planned as well). Have to be out of Combat, disengage distance is not yet set.

8:50 - Q: Will the NPC's be modeled to follow player trends with what ships and equipment they select, or will their behavior be independent of what's popular with players?

A: Have their own goals. And their own careers. They are going to look for the ships they need to do their job. Some may appear to be following trends.

9:40 - Q: Will the mass of cargo, ammunition, etc. affect the handling of ships?

A: Yessir! If it's physics, Chris cares about it.

10:20 - Q: Can you tell us something about which DB you using and on what code the server component is based on?

A: Cluster, NoSQL (Might have been one more detail, but Rob mumbled it. Something after cluster and before NoSQL? Drop a note if you can make it out. Redditor jooshbro says that it was Cassandra cluster, which would make sense.)

11:00 - Q: We have seen many changes to the look and feel of the Hornet and Scythe since the original Squadron 42 Trailer. Has the Bengal Carrier had similar changes and upgrades to it and will we be seeing it again soon?

A: Yes. Significant refit for Squadron 42 but probably won't see that for a while. See more of the Idris first.

11:54 - Q: How many maps can we expect in the DFM?

A: Right now there are 2 maps. One is referred to as a "Broken Moon" map. That will continue to expand. And a bunch of different game modes: Horde AI, Freeflight, Team deathmatch, Last-man-standing, and possibly Capture the Flag.

Ben presents MVP

13:08 - Xyphon "Star Citizen Cafe"

Fan Focus

14:16 - AnythingFPS and Disco Lando buggies.


The Interview

14:40 - Brian Brewer, CIG's Lean Animator, is on hand to talk about Performance Capture. Showing off camera, head rig and prop gun.

(This article was updated with additional details and embedded videos after being reposted to youtube.)