Wingman's Hangar Episode 60


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-12 - New Wingman's Hangar streamed on Twitch this morning. Now available on YouTube.

A lot of big news today:

  • Inside Cloud Imperium: AI spotlight on Moon Collider and Kythera
  • Infinite realities in Ipswitch, 3d scanning of players
  • DFM Leaderboard
  • Forum Feedback
  • Interview with CIG CTO Jason Spangler

Great show guys! Very informative and lots of fun!


A new studio is announced. The Moon Collider team (Matthew Jack, Mike Bell and Ben Lowing) talks about AI and how the AI's will have a personality based on what they are Vanduul vs UEE Navy pilot for example. Heavy emphisis on dynamic response to their environment (including PC actions). Collision avoidance. We actually here that they've been working with Moon Collider for about a year, from CTO. Spin off from Crytek, so fits very well with Star Citizen.

Forum Feedback

Achievements? Unlocked? Advanced concepts but not the XBox badges. More unique things that you can do that might end up in the Galactepedia

Top Gun in current tests? Not an official top gun yet. Not everyone is playing. Servers are up but issues need to be resolved. The studios can't fight each other yet it seems.

Hangar Fees - For an additional space, beyond the first. Also landing fees.

Salvaging - Is it stealing? Abandoned wrecks, no. Premature (disabled ship but guy is still there), yes.

Buggy drops w/ hilarious video - Eventually, maybe. Not at launch. Not free landing yet at launch so planetside activity will be very limited.

DirectX12 - CIG is definitely looking at it.

Scythe why isn't in the hangar? Model is done but animations and lighting not.

Zero-G Scooters? Not planned. Jet on a spacesuits. Cargo sled, eventually maybe.



Feylan picks up another one: Things You Mightn't Know About CIG People

This segment featured the New lead moderator Will Lewis (@WLewis_CIG), the Ben Hammer gets passed on.

Fan Focus

Aurora Crash by Test Squadron

Interview: CIG CTO Jason Spangler

Jason goes into more detail about the AI and how they've been working with the AI team for a year now.


Closing Vid

The Twitch streamed with this hilarious parody of a greycat commercial by Disco Lando:


Couldn't be used on Youtube for licensing reasons.