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Pardon our dust. We've still got a lot of improvements planned, but one is never done with these things -- Continuous Integration as they say. Please have patience with us as we occasionally break things while striving to create the Best Damn Star Citizen Site Ever!


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Fancy yourself an author or an editor? Want to share the passion you have for Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen? Or just want to tell your story as Citizen in the 'verse?

Also "Rival" news agencies and free agents looking for a low maintenance web presence or syndication are welcome. We'll help you develop a brand and highlight your byline.

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We support Star Citizen community efforts! If you're working on something or are know someone who is, let us know. We can put you on the Star Citizen Community Calendar and/or help get the word out about the project.

Citizen Star/NEWS Organization

Citizen Star/NEWS is a "real", in game (or "in-verse" as we like to call it), organization as well, aiming to promote immersion by providing in-character space journalism. The Citizen Star is a news reporting and media distribution conglomerate. A reporting arm with a burgeoning media aggregation and distribution apparatus, as well as partnering with UNN to administer the UNN News Association. We all know space journalism is serious business! Associate members (first two ranks) of NEWS are considered Members of the UNN News Association.

UNN NEWS Association

The UNN NEWS Association provides accreditation, support and logistics for journalists in the Star Citizen Verse, open to all journalists whether freelance or writing for other organizations. The Citizen Star is a founding member and administrator of this fine organization, proud to have established with Most Valuable Poster and Publisher of the Pulse online magazine, @Feylan.

The history of the Star Citizen universe is happening now, realtime. And we don't just mean that figuratively. If you watch the News Update Comm-Links you can see time passing on a one-to-one basis with the real world, here in the real world it is 2015 and in-verse it is 2945. Don't wait till 2946 to be a part of Star Citizen.

The Citizen Star is here ... in the 'verse ... now ... a part of its evolving history. Join us.

- Citizen Ed(itor-in-Chief) @CZenStar