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(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-04-18

Citizen Star - Dragon_Light

Grats on your Atlas Avionics Android Companion App for Star Citizen being released on Google Play!

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You should definitely check this out If you’ve been looking for a way to expand control of your ship and you like idea of having an android tablet or phone act as a “glass cockpit” secondary control screen.


Citizen Star - Teller

/u/T3ller moves his image releases to /r/MobiGlas


Mobiglas has been a subreddit running for quite some time as an alternative or sister subreddit to /r/starcitizen.

Citizen Star News has been known to post a few things there to /r/mobiglas that don’t fit well with the main StarCitizen subreddit’s rules.

While the main subreddit remains a great place to go for StarCitizen discussion, /r/Mobiglas maybe worth a look.

1.1.1 Fixes & Stress Tests

Matchmaking and multiplayer continue to improve. Friday’s stress test went well, although still having matches kick you back to the lobby fairly frequently seemed pretty playable.

Update by Will Leverett CIG

Estimated release schedule update

1.1.2 maybe this week (although probably to PTU testing servers) - Featuring Tutorial and Multiplayer fixes.

FPS is looking like sometime May

Planetside about a month after

- May not have a Character Creator built in at first.

- They’ve been talking about the character built out initially a lot like the ships. Pirate Light scout was mentioned as one design.

CIG Staffing

Meet the Devs - Lisa Ohanian interviewed in AtV, seems sharp as a whip and like bad puns

New employee in AtV - Michael Dalston Foundry 42 (with QA, very happy)

Recap of Foundry 42 - Frankfurt new staff

CIG Frankfurt is almost exclusively staffed by ex-Crytek employees. My conversations with CIG folks about it have a had a common theme: They are trying to hire people that would be leaving anyway, trying not to "poach". CryTek had a bit of a bad time last year but has been working on VR projects and funded based on a big License contract that is said to be with Amazon.

Brian Chambers - Studio Head - Development Director - (Seen here talking about Rise port to PC)

Alex Marschal - Senior Project Manager - CryTek “Rise”

Hannes Appel - Director of Cinematics - Helped with Squadron 42 Kickstarter Trailer -  Student project - Short Film: MOTHERLAND | Mutterland

Todd Papy - Design Director - Former God of War lead dev - Formerly unknown Crytek project.

Marco Corbetta - Senior Technical Director - Shows off his original design for CryEngine - Yes. He was one of the architects of CryEngine. Formerly Lead programmer, Director, CTO of CryTek USA

Christopher Raine - Senior Physics Programmer

This last week’s Meet the Devs with the charming Cherie Heiberg is worth a watch. Excited to see the Galactepedia groundwork under way.

Jump Point


Features WIP Vanguard

Ben’s piece on Fuel Companies: Fuel Pump, Cry-Astro and CTR

Galactic Guide: Osiris - Osiris I: Protected Under the Fair Chance Act - “One of the deciding factors behind Etos’ formal protection is Phare’s Ape, a vaguely Human-like primate that biologists believe has the potential to develop higher thinking.”

Group interview with IT Dept.

Paul Vaden, Hassan Kamran, Kyle Cunningham, Dennis Daniel, Chris Graves & Mike Pickett. Headed up by Mike Jones, Director of IT.


Asterisk for VoIP


Nagios, Splunk - Monitoring

Data is the biggest challenge, Petabytes of data a month in builds.

Developer PCs have a minimum of 1TB SSD, and 3TB Magnetic drives. Developer workstations are now on the x99 chipset. We run a minimum of 6 core i7s with minimum 32-gig ram and 1T SSD. Windows 7 or 8, some flavor of linux (mostly Ubuntu) at dev’s option.

Gigabit uplinks at all the studios with IPSEC encrypted tunnels between

This week is a Test Drive of Racing Ships



Limited Ships now available for REC

No longer have to be a subscriber to rent ships like the Super Hornet.

Dying Star Asteroid Hangar

Image Source

Concept Sale

Community Manager James Pugh confirmed the next concept sale should be next week on the 24th.

They’ll be offering the MISC Hull Series - Haulers for all you space truckers out there. an Event dubbed Hullopalooza by Producer Travis Day.

Four or Five ships, Hulls A thru E, starting uhaul truck sized A to Super tanker sized E. Largest may not be for sale to players.

Was originally based loosely on Novelist Larry Niven’s General Products hulls, a cylinder or some shape you just dropped modules into, but more recently they’ve said they revised the concept and came up with something quite exciting.

They haven’t told us what is so exciting, so we’ll have to see.

One interesting note: There was talk of being able to rent the space on the side of the ships out as advertising. Woohoo Extra revenue!

That's all the news for now. Hope to see you next week... in Star Citizen!

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