This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-03-27


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed -  2015-03-27

In a continuing trend, Community Director Ben Lesnick refuses to comment on CIG’s long term horse strategy even when pressed by “concerned” backers.

  • Citizen Star - Teller /u/T3ller, some great videos and even better images. Including some hilarious appearances of the Thorshu Grey space crab.

Null Appearance of the Space Crab

Null Cutlass Red to the Rescue

  • New Patch Update

    • 1.1 has been very popular, twice concurrent usage (according to Ben), really pushing the servers. Providing good testing for that part of the system, but creating unstable Multiplayer. Shout out to CIG Will Leverett who has been working on the forums and reddit to keep people up to date, posting workarounds and collect reports of instability, crashes and disconnects. Still not as stable as they’d like it.

    • Decision to rename as Star Citizen 1.1 even though we are in (pre) alpha is being revisited. It’s acknowledged as confusing to the new players and outside press. (- Ben AtV, RtV)

    • Gladius well received, test drive this week.

  • REC Rebalance coming - Ben

    • REC is flowing a little too quickly, and probably will be pulled back soon.

    • Will also be revising how REC is expended. Will be “burned” less quickly by not burning a full day every time you log in.

  • FPS/Star Marine

    • Travis Day has headed up to Illfonic and working with them to finish up Star Marine

    • Good progress, Ben says they are narrowing on an approximate release date.

    • FPS Gadgets from Vault

      • Area Denial System - Claymore style “Front - Toward Enemy”

      • Hologram Decoy Generator

      • Personal Shield generator

      • Handheld breaching tool (Torch for opening doors)

      • Medical devices

      • Jetpack (by Elijah McNeal? is he back or is this an old image)

  • Vanguard


    • Revealed on AtV - Redeemer looking fighter.

    • Lots of animations

    • Folding Wings, to make fit in an Idris? (Cutlass can now fit, confirmed - Ben, RtV)

    • Concept sale today. $250 w/LTI and probably a few bits of swag.

  • Chris is headed to the UK this weekend. He will be there for THREE MONTHS as he will be directing the big performance capture shoot for Squadron 42. (Ben - RtV)

  • Reddit “leak”

    • Someone found account credentials in the build that allowed them to access CIG’s Jira and wiki. Posted some screenshots that gave more details about the schedule and SQ42 chapters. Was talked out of dl’ing the wiki.

    • Reddit community raised the issue with CIG and account was fixed.

    • In spite the fact the credentials were disclosed by CIG, still illegal to do unauthorized access. Be advised, if this you find something like this, you do risk prosecution. When I last talked to CIG legal they hadn’t decided if they would pursue that case, and that was echoed when mentioned on RtV.

  • MISC Reliant fast tracked. Xi’An Scout artist Eddie Del Rio is working on the concept for the MISC Endeavour (Science/Hospital).

  • Hullapalooza - Hull E confirmed. (A = station wagon, B = box truck/RV, C = tractor trailer, D = between C and E, E = Supertanker)

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