This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-03-20


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-20

Show notes, highlights, referenced videos and links:

1.1 being released now!

Retaliator Hangar Ready

Gladius flyable

New Damage State Tech

REC, All existing backers get 5000 REC

New human figure skeleton “rig” and animations

New weapon mount system, Gimbal Mounts available in store

Landing System

Coop free flight

64 bit double precision in the build. Maps are the same for now

Need to completely re-install from scratch. What’s up with that?

New Installer Cloud CDN on Amazon Cloud Front (moved from rackspace I believe)

Citizen Star: Clifford Aka Miku

Twitter: Clifford~Aka~Miku


Chris Roberts (and clearly Vocaloid Miku) Superfan

Frequent Host of StarCast

Has all the old Chris Roberts games (now signed)

More ships than I do, in fact on one of the few people that makes me feel like a lightweight pledger.

Brought us the bootleg of the SXSW presentation/party.

SQ42 Spoilers

Blastr interview contained what appears to be spoilers to the SQ42 story

Are they really spoilers? Think they are really a preview of what we’ll be seeing in future marketing and discussions.

Admiral “Bishop” - Nod to Lance Henricksen’s character clearly. A bit on point if Lance actually is the VA, yes/no?

Pre campaign - Daughter sacrifices herself, Bishop goes rogue, “going upriver” Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now style.  You go into Vanduul space looking for him.

Fiendish Feather - retires from making videos

Sites difficulties with CryEngine handling new assets, modularity really killing him. CryEngine doesn’t deal with it well.

On StarCast he announced he was going to switch to Unreal4 and maybe get involved with Descent:Underground

New Hope? Teller

Retaliator and Modularity

19 internal upgrade “hardpoints” in the Tali 

Some people frustrated/concerned about the “Labyrinthine” layout, not enough pods, no social area.

Jump Point, Sale, Brochure.


StarCitizen awarded “Most Anticipated”

New video well received - Dreams - Seems built on Image 

Great interview by GamersNexus: Chris Roberts & Richard Garriott Talk Zero G Physics


Hasn’t actually grown

Recent comments have been about CIG realising how big the 240m version is.

They put 72 NPCs on it and it still seemed empty (Ben - RtV) Chris - Seems like a mini-carrier.


Teased this week that they would announce a huge licensee later this week… but running out of week.

Chris mentioned that they’d be integrating CryEngine 3.7 soon and that would be the last version they intended to do a wholesale merge with.

CryTek says the are restructuring everything for 3.7, so that’s likely to be a big merge.

VR Support is being beefed up in CryEngine. They’ve got 50 people working on it. Much of that will be added after 3.7, though.

Quick Hits

F8 Heavy fighter may never be sold. Military only (RtV)

Vanguard on Sale Next week: ~$250 

$5 Star Marine pass

Interesting conversation on RSI_Forums about doing away with $5 passes 

Leviathan short - SC Space Whaling? Not actually SC but brings up so many possibilities.

Augmented Limbs - Where is the base DNA coming from? Empire Report from this week's AtV

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