This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-03-13


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-13

Citizen Star: Phil (Xue) From Team IXM (InfiniteXueMonkey) - Design of the Anvil Aerospace – HYGEIA – mobile medical and repair facility

Also released a vidoe of the TNGS ship Scimitar in Hangar this last Week.

Fly Free: SXSW Promotion


How about that Star Marine? (PAX East)

Kudos to BadNewsBaron (bootleg stream of the PAX East Presentation) and GamersNexus for coverage. Interview with Chris around the Zone System

Social Module and ArcCorp showed off this weekend

The 100 GB download story. James thinks it was out of context (RtV). Can count it to push limits though, this is a Chris Roberts Game.

Are seeing places where they are optimized.

HOTAS in legal, they should be able to announce details once it's signed. (RtV)

Inside CIG Pedro Camacho featured, great very talented guy, worth watching.

Banner from PAX East disappeared, if anyone "found" it. Deliver to SXSW no questions asked.

ESP Toggling is confirmed. Spotted in Bugsmashers this week confirmed in RTV.

Hull series – Hullapalooza is upcoming.  In progress, nearly complete with the Hull C, they’ll extrapolate to the other Hulls from there.

Herald News - Bumped up on request from Foundry42. No longer asymmetrical. (RTV)

Idris growing still. Needs to lay off the steroids. Keeps getting to be a bigger target with little or no extra firepower of it's own. May fit a redeemer? (Rumors. Not official.)

Stanton Shake - Fiendish Feather's new video