This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-03-06 - Patches coming in Hot and Heavy


(Citizen Star News) - 2015-03-06 - Patches coming in Hot and Heavy

Weekly wrap up; Show notes for broadcast on The Base Friday Night Show.

Video Made from live broadcast:

Top news this week: v1.1.0 30+GB patch and it's troublesome path to the PTU

James Pugh warned us on RtV thursday that v1.1 had been coming in "hot" as in lots of QA issues due to many changes to the under the hood: 64 bit floats for map addressing, new damage systems, REC, new weapon mount system and new skeleton for animations.

Some people were able to download and play, we've seen some screen shots, people flying the gladius. But it was broken for most. 

James Pugh put up some confusing information about setting up a patch for people who already downloaded earlier. Then later on tonight fixing things so that a clean PTU download would be possible.

Retaliator was supposed to be hangar ready, but that was not seen by the people that did manage to get the patch. This is supposed to be fixed this evening, if all goes well.

Some people are reporting "stuck launchers. If you are one of those Tip on fixing the launcher here:

Double precision conversion basically done! Big Maps soon?

A surprise answer from the big man Chris Roberts on 10ftC on 64 bit double precision floats on maps: Pretty much done and you'll be seeing it 1.1. He also went into some detail about the Zone System, which deals with flying from one area to another.

You can know Kung Fu

Another surprise answer from 10ftC, they are thinking about a "learn" martial arts system were you unlock moves by visiting "dojos". You'd still have to master using them as a player. "Tevarin Dojo" used as an example so Alien Martial Arts? Presumably some historical human ones would also be available.

Death tolls rise in the Charon III Civil War, Time for the Navy to step in?

Sounds like an interesting place for PVE missions and PVP. Imperium Report - From AtV

Revamped Weapons Mounts

Gimballed mounts will carry smaller weapons.

New mounts will prevent oversized weapons from being mounted.

Are causing some ships to be remodeled. Specifically the P-52 Merlin. (Which is also being hit due to the Connie being made ready to fly. Docking system being worked out.)


Formerly known as Bulldog.

Entering concept model phase as reported in AtV.

First to the fight, interesting discussion about what it means for a fighter. What do you do then? Scout? Hit and run? Assault?


End of XML hacking? AtV detailed a more structured compressed format being worked on.



Unlock armor and weapons? REC system is being implimented. Demo tomorrow.

CIG - Frankfurt

17 now, might staff up to 40. Mostly ex-CryTek folks. The fear was that many were being hired out of the CryEngine field, moving to other engines or custom work. At GDC meetup I had an interesting conversation with Carl Jones (CIG's new VP of Global Business Development who recently came over from CryTek.

Director of Graphics Programming Alistair Brown was also there, put to rest this idea that "StarEngine" is a commonly used name for CryEngine. We both suspected it might be a Saun Tracy thing.


Happy Birthday James Pugh and She-Ra Shinobi!

Quick Hits

Redeemer is at Illfonic for work with FPS - RtV

MISC Endeavor has entered concept -RtV

Scanners might show you who is a PC and who is not - 10ftC

Jenny redoing the "Fan Kit"; "Brand refresh" - RtV

Asteroids and resources. They are going to go initially with a lot of resources being out there. Space is really really big. If that actually gets mined out, they may consider some form of respawn, but it won't be built into the system. - 10ftC

Chris backs Underworld Ascendant

Wingman is about to launch his Kickstarter the 10th? New company DescendantStudios