This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-02-27 - In Memory: Leonard Nimoy


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-27 - In Memory: Leonard Nimoy

Weekly wrap up; Show notes for broadcast on The Base Friday Night Show.

Video Made from live broadcast:

As a note... a difficult show. We were all dealing with the passing of Leornard Nimoy and a little low energy. So apologies if we are not at our best.

But there are great things going on in Star Citizen and worth checking into. Show notes beyond the jump...

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.  LLAP." - Last Tweet of Leonard Nimoy

Discussions of Memorials for the recently departed inspiration to us all Leonard Nimoy. Do like the idea of a memorial, but personally a bit troubled by the idea of naming a ship class after him and then selling it. Far preferring the concept of a Nimoy station.

Dev Response:

Hey guys,

No petition necessary. I think it's safe to say that Mr. Nimoy was an inspiration to all of us on the team, both acting as Spock and because of his core, kind humanity. We will find an appropriate way to honor him.

I'm a big guy, but I'm not too big to admit I broke down sobbing when I heard the news. Nimoy as Spock shaped so much; even if you weren't a Star Trek fan, he was an essential part of the culture. And if you were a Star Trek fan, you surely saw yourself in cold logic masking deep passions, or his romantic ideal of the loyal best friend. And it was all the more impressive that the man behind the character was such a good person. I know he had a good, long life, and one truly lived... but the world still seems a little darker this afternoon. 

- Ben

Small revolt happening in /r/starcitizen over mods removing RIP posts, but they haven't deleted the memorial conversations.

Funding Level

$74 Million

Todd Papy

A Director level game designer leaving CryTek to join CIG Frankfurt Germany office. Formerly with Sony (in Santa Monica) and designer for the God of War series. Lead designer for Ascension. Interestingly, it's not clear what he was working on at CryTek. It was supposedly an undisclosed game project, but which one?


One wonders about CryTek's health at this point. Reddit reports that the internal name for the current version of CryEngine is StarEngine. What does this all mean?

Citizen Stars

Trendane - Not one but two videos out this week:

Fiendish Feather's Bulkheads ep 0:

Years1Hundred SCC The Smuggler:

MVP this week went to Years1Hundred's Fighter Pilot Video post, released last week, which also features Trendane.

(And shout out to Valinor who got the Org MVP Mention)

Vs Devs Playtest

Successful moderately still some issues, they plan to do more soon.

Orion and Mining mechanics

Generally excellent feedback. Ben says you will absolutely be able to mine solo. Even jokes you can do it on the Orion without NPCs, you'll just have to run back and forth between all the stations.

FYI - Orion rotating storage containers rotate to facilitate either horizontal or vertical docking to offload cargo, by respectively adjusting around the artificial gravity core to sync with the docking ship. Or just to look cool. 

What does this mean: "Star Citizen... all the fun of a car wash"? Discussion about how you can see the whole process, like watching a car wash (from AtV).

Orion Minigame

Delayed and buggy. Actually saw people saying they wanted to melt their Orion over it. Too difficult to earn money? Fixed now and some people are saying they are rich off of it. What does this mean for in game?

Wonderful World of Star Citizen

Disco Lando's new monthly show focused on community projects. The Star Citizen Community: "My god ... it's full of Stars!"

Loved it.

Gamescom and Citizen Con Preliminary Details

Gamescom Event - Aug 7th  - Köln, Germany

CitizenCon - Oct 10th  - The Runway Visitor Park, Altrincham (presumably somewhere near Manchester, UK)


Next "Major" Patch will be 1.1

But when will that be? We here the push is on. We could still get a minor patch. Earliest maybe next Fri for a PTU version of 1.1?

Should contain REC, Flyable Gladius, And Retaliator in the Hangar.

Cutlass Interiors from AtV

Turns out the escape modules from last week aren't Retaliator... or could they simply be modular?

Cutlass is being used as a test bed for the new modular system.

Ben says the Cutlass has not gotten bigger. (RtV)

Letter from the Chair

Featuring Years1Hundred video, SC Careers was a concept they were considering for later.

And Lando's new show which we are all very excited about.

UEE Budget Crises

Lore drop hints at eroding infrastructure and out of control military spending. 

Internal Security Systems

Mentioned in both 10ftC and AtV - Game Object State or GOSt system, will be used to create a security network entity which will add a number of different features for doors and objects such as access controls (by codes, biometrics, perhaps electronic id by mobiglas). Doors going into lockdown mode may injure people standing in them. (Implied they wouldn't kill, but will move them out of the way -- violently.)

Realistic Ballistics

In 10ftC Chris detailed wind and gravity will be effecting ballistic weapons. Realistic Physics. Starting to worry about my poor CPU. Also mentioned that different weapons may throw the same slugs at different velocities creating difference in effectiveness. Barrel length is usually considered a major factor here. Longer barrels trap the gas longer and get a bigger push.

Arena Commando

Fan suggested name for the FPS came up in Reverse the Verse. James seemed really upset they hadn't thought of it. Hope they use the name, 'cause it's awesome.

Energy based sniper rifle, which may not ship with "Arena Commando" but will be available soon after.


Sales and Promos

Orion Sale ending; Cutlass test flight and Cutlass Blue Sale; Tarantula