This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-02-20


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-20 - This is Citizen Ed of Citizen Star News with “This Week In Star Citizen”, brought to you by the word Bespoke and the letters R, E and C.

Patch 1.03 Now available - Minor point release patch that fixes bugs and adjusts play balance. Check patch notes for more details.

RSI Orion is expected to go on sale today for a pledge of $325. A mini game similar to the one for the Carrack should be released in conjunction. Also expecting a Mining "Deep Dive" so a lot of focus on mining this week.

As a concept sale it will run for 10days and offer the coveted (and probably overrated) LTI (Life Time Insurance).

The 350R and M50 sale is currently wrapping up as well as the 300 series test flight promotion.

There's fantastic new inside CIG video:

CIG is working with Andy Serkis' company Imaginarium which has been pioneering in the field of performance capture. Chris had announced this a while back and so we weren't surprised by the news but this video really shows off how this will impact the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 games. I found the discussion about how they are looking at approaching the Xi'An and Vanduul animations particularly intruiging.

Years1Hundred released the first video of his new series, Star Citizen Careers: Fighter Pilot

This series is designed to feature possible careers and occupations players could potentially pursue in the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. This kick off features the voice work of Trendane and a unique bit of music by the offical Star Citizen composer Pedro Camacho. We've been working with years1hundred, providing feedback on upcoming videos and are really excited about this series. 

Moderator Will even rewrote his Fan Spotlight Feature that was being released the same day to make sure to include it.

REC - Rental Equipment Credit deepdive provokes a strong reaction

At long last we see some details on how this "AC Bucks" system is supposed to work. A long awaited way to get upgraded equipment in Arena Commander without spending real world dollars.

There is a lot of positives to this system but the way the rentals work (7 days in 1 day chunks, expended when you log in) and the fact that you don't earn REC in solo gameplay or even coop Vanduul Swarm, but just essentially PvP victories have been controversial. (As a note, their is a mechanic that awards certain achievements that may conteract this. X Number of vanduul kills or somesuch. Details TBD)

Chris Roberts has commented on the response to this system here and here.

The new guys in the Star Citizen news arena, INN (Imperial News Network), have two interesting features to check out: 

A look at the Spider Mining Droid which while old news is highly on topic for this special mining week.

And be sure to check out this massive collection of Star Citizen Wallpapers.

We at CSN welcome INN and are impressed with their initial efforts. Great job guys! Attentive readers will note that we've incorporated their "Projects" into our "Other News" RSS aggregator in the right column of our site.

There was an attempt at Devs vs Community Dogfights this week but the servers crashed under the load. Which in some respects was mission accomplished on the stress test, finding the flaws. They are going to try again this Monday at I believe 1pm Pacific time. Stay tuned for final details!

Sandi Gardiner featured not one but two looks at the new interior of the Cutlass being redesigned by the UK team. Is it just me or does that look bigger? Is Foundry42 at it again with making ships larger?



A new Fly Now design was added to the main Star Citizen Web page. So far well received.

We heard that people attending PAX East will likely be the first backers to actually try out the FPS Module.

CCU (Cross Chassis Upgrade) system is being reworked according to Ben during the Reverse The Verse.

In 10 for the Chair this week Chris stated that the capital ships and stations will likely only be present in one instance. Also mentioned that they are currently only doing right handed animations, to the dismay of lefties.

His description of the NPC slots was somewhat evolved. Apparently they are all potentially NPCs, one day you could be playing Han Solo (hilariously fumbled as San Holo), and the next you could be playing Chewie. Chewie wants his share of the loot though even when he's an NPC, but that part hasn't been worked out yet.


Vote for the Box Art for the collectors editions!

Vanguard is now in Concept. 

Lots of work being done on the Character Customization, a lot of discussion about that on Around the Verse and Elsewhere.

Grapple beam, as Leaked by Sandi only works in the FPS Battle Arena at this point. May be specific to that location.

NOTE: A draft of this article was used for today's Friday Show on The Base Radio