WeAreTheRomantics, AnythingFPS - In Game Flight

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-22 - Wes of The Hull Truth, "WeAreTheRomantics" and Romanticorp fame took us out on a Twitch test flight in the Aurora, Hornet, 300i and even managed to get a buggy in space. Pretty amazing to see.

Recording of the twitch stream is available here.

Talented graphics hacker AnythingFPS put together a test/play framework from the existing Hangar Module (Patch 11). Presumably the environment he used to create this video:

AnythingFPS is a member of Wes's Romanticorp. The working testbed is not available to the public, but happy to see it in action. Thanks for sharing, guys.

Wes is trying to make a living out bringing us twitch streams and videos. Supporting him (and his soon to be growing family) is a worthy cause. Check him and his org out below:

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