TNGS Vote For The Save Ends Tonight - 2014-05-11


Null(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-05-11 - After the judges of 'The Next Great Starship' made really hard decisions, the community is left with its own difficult decision. Which two teams should be saved and go through to the next round?

While 'Shimapan' and their 'ugly duckling' as well as the 'Shard Collective' made the next stage this week, and 'InfiniteXueMonkey' and 'Talon Corp' last week, the following six teams are now part of the save pool.

More information on each team can be had through the links below, and be sure to check out their final presentions.

Vote page is here!

NullCryo - with his sword & shield design and the clever 'modular wings' idea. Still needed is more work on the textures, the poly count and regarding the 'frequency' of the exterior according to the judges.

NullSkyguard Fabrications - This one-man team offers a very sleek & clean look and great animations. The only critique there is that it does not feel so much like a heavy gunship.

NullTri Tri - Honoured by a lot of love from Mark Skelton, their 'Silverback' design makes for a fittingly intimidating gunship. The only negative feedback was that the connectors of the rear thrusters felt rather fragile as they are quite small.

NullFour Horsemen - Missing the next stage by only two points from the judges, this team has excelled in their interior design, while receiving some criticism for looking more like a policing ship than a gunship.

Null1bit amoeba - Another one-man team, which seems to lack behind in comparison to the other teams. While the unusual shape looks good, the poly count seems rather low and there has been little work on the interior so far.

Null3Dingo - These crazy Italians show off a beefy gunship, which looks like it can more than stand its ground. However, they did not show any interiors and the judges felt that the exterior suffered from too much clutter (> high frequency).

Votes have already surpassed the 16,000 mark. You have until Sunday night, 2014-05-11, to vote (probably until 11pm PST).

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