TNGS Dog Fight Special 1.1


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-28 - Starts with a feature on the new Saitek X-55 Pro HOTAS controller. A moment of interesting discussion about mapping the triggers to different weapons.

Fun little segment. But not much to do with Dogfighting actually, certainly no groundbreaking news. More details after the break.

Staff polling, a couple of questions select members of the staff (ostensibly the DFM staff which is the main tie in to the DFM, but also includes Community Managers and Support). Quick cuts of each staff member answering:

  • Quick Intro, Name and Role, Sandi cracking me up.
  • Describe your rig.
  • Describe your control system
  • Let's see your game(r) face


Dan Gheesling introduces a check in with the TNGS teams. (Or time code 6:52 to skip Dan.)

It was good to see Chris happy as a clam wearing an Oculus Rift and fondling his X-55 HOTAS. The last seconds of the video may last forever as a meme.