StarCitizenAA - 17


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-13 12:31 - Nikki "Batgirl" D'Angelo has delivered another fine episode of her video series: StarCitizensAA.


  • Recaps of The Next Great Starship, 10 for the Chairman and Wingman's Hangar Episode 56.
  • Enablers/SCAA Contests update
  • Interview with CIG Lead Writer and Star Citizen Loremaster David Haddock


We've been eagerly awaiting the David Haddock interview as he's head of the the writing and lore team, which effects us so directly. Nikki does a good job of interviewing in a way that we get a chance to actually meet the real person, and did manage to get into some penetrating questions about SC Lore and background.

Thank you Nikki, that was an important interview. Good "get", as they say.

Nikki "Batgirl" D'Angelo is a popular youtube vidcaster and head ("Queen") of the in game org The Enablers (an outgrowth of her Star Citizen's Addicts Anonymous threads on the RSI forums).