Ship Landing Guide


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-22

First tries at using the v1.1 landing system didn't go quite so smoothly? We made up a guide for you to make it nice and simple!

Our first try at a guide video, so be kind. Do appreciate any and all feedback though.

Credit to redditor appropriately named GravityGrave who posted these tips:

PSA: How to land 

I spent an hour last night trying to make the new landing system work, to no avail. It turns out I was missing a critical piece: how to request permission to land. The CIG instructions state that this will occur automatically when you get close enough to the pad, but that's wrong! Here are proper instructions (with actual buttons to press!) in order to land in free flight mode:

1) Press N to toggle landing mode on. Your radar and targeting system will now show the landing pads.

2) Use your targeting controls to select the landing pad of your choice (i.e. tap Y until the pad you want to land on is highlighted).

3) Move towards the pad until the "X in a circle" reticle appears.

4) The critical piece I was missing: press the middle mouse button (or your missile lock key I guess) to request permission to land. This will now change your radar globe to the landing display.

5) You can land manually (using decoupled mode helps a ton if you're doing this) or you can use the autopilot to land. Press M to toggle between these two modes. Autopilot should kick in once you get over the pad.

6) After landing, to take off again, press the middle mouse button to request permission, then strafe up.

Happy landing!


Thanks GravityGrave, you helped us figure out the landing system so we could bring everyone this guide!

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