Reverse The Verse - Ep 46


(Citizen Star News) - 2015-05-08


- FPS COMM-LINK is still on track for today. Heads will roll if it doesn't go.

- Recent art updates for the Genesis Starliner and the Endeavor.

- New Starfarer Star-G/Gemini has size up on engines, size up on three manned turrets, a larger double-shield.  It loses cargo capacity, maneuverability, and speed.  It has more armor too. Today will be an LTI Concept sale for the Star-G $240.  Base Starfarer is still $195, the Gemini will be a standard concept sale with LTI.  Price is $240. 

- Ben had a meeting with David Hobbins scheduled for later today, possibly about some contract work on rovers?

- Reliant Variants are being started soon.

- Unsure when Constellation and Merlin updates will be in hangar.  Merlin will be ready first. Connie will probably wait till multicrew.

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