Pulse Magazine, Issue 2


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-10 - Pulse, the SC Community Web Magazine brought to you by MVP Feylan and his team, now has its second issue available.



A truly amazing effort, online magazine, produced for a game that isn't released yet. A testament to the Star Citizen community.

Bonus back issue: #1 (or for IE users)

Some comments from Pulse Editor Feylan on this issue's release (source):

When Pulse was first published, I hoped that a few of the community members would enjoy the small magazine that our original contributors had worked so hard on. I couldn't have imagined that it would go on to receive such an overwhelming response from so many people! We were featured on WingMan's Hangar and won the Most Valuable Post award, for which we are all truly grateful. We received thousands of comments, emails and fan letters thanking us for the magazine and offering great advice on how to improve it. And we drew the attention of the broader Star Citizen community, with offers of support from Reddit, YouTube and The Base.

Thank you so much to everyone who has read and enjoyed Pulse, our magazine only gets made because of you.

Pulse has a new host called JooMag! We've moved to JooMag because it's much easier for our readers to download PDF copies from there, and it provides some nice features like better hyperlink support. The best way to enjoy Pulse is on JooMag, but we will continue to publish on MagCloud as well, so those who want physical copies of the magazine can get them.

Again, Pulse will always be free, and we don't make any money from making and distributing it in any way. If you would like, however, you can order a physical copy of the magazine from MagCloud.com, which HP will print out and send to you at cost. If anyone has any problems with using either JooMag or MagCloud, feel free to contact me and I'll send you a copy of the magazine in PDF form.

A very special thanks to @Pokinatchapunx, @Malleovic, @Huntyre, @Kalamari, @Womby, @Seraph84, @sailor67, @Grey-Beard, @Agathorn and @Macaper for contributing, without them there wouldn't have been an issue #2 at all. You guys are the best!