Pitchfork Challenge Victorious


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-29 - We are declaring victory and the victors to the first Pitch Fork Challenge held 2014-08-23 in Palo Alto, CA.


An excellent kick off for Operation Pitchfork and Citizen Star events. Winning competitors were very close, heavy competition.

Attendance was moderate, about a dozen folks. Which worked well as a this was new ground for all of us. Much more and it could have been messier. The event was streamed on twitch to quite a few additional people.

Results after the jump.

Competition Winners

1rst Place - Super Hornet  LTI - Weekend Warrior Package - Conflict Diamond @ORE

2nd Place - Hornet - Xamindar @Xamindar

3rd Place - Gladius - Toast @Toast

Raffle Winners

Coin flip was made to see which ship went to the stream viewers and which to the attendees

Stream - Hornet - fiend1984

Attendees - Gladius - Toast

The Rules

Two 15 minute heats, Vanduul Swarm v0.8 single player vs AI. Best score taken.

No Voice Attack (since that would be problematic in a small space).

Thanks To

Our sponsors and partners:

Cloud Imperium Games, Donation of all Ship Prizes

Operation Pitchfork, Inspiration and Cobranding

Citizen Arena


Special thanks to Toast (who is also a Moderator for RSI Forums) who jumped in and talked to the stream, making things more interesting.

And also special thanks to Zoom and Charlie, event staff. And to Lord Dessler an attendee who came early to help setup, bringing extra monitors and components.

And to all who attended, and those brought food!


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