Pitchfork Challenge - Palo Alto CA - 2014-08-23


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-09 - Citizen Star News is proud to announce its first esports event!

In partnership with Operation Pitchfork and with sponsorship by Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium Games, (in the form of donation of ship prizes) -- the first Pitchfork Challenge & LAN party will be held August 23rd 2014 in Palo Alto CA. You'll have to be present to enter the contest, but we will be having an online presence as well, probably streaming live from the event.


Prizes: First Place - Super Hornet LTI Weekend Warrior package! Second Place - Hornet F7C. Third Place - Gladius.
+ Assorted swag to be announced. There will be additional prizes and giveaways associated.

See the full story for more details!

Date: Aug 23rd, 2014. Registration Sarting at 1pm. (To pre-reg Private Message @Transhumanitarian on the RSI Forums, seats will be limited.) Non-competing attendees welcome, please RSVP here.

Place: 260 Sheridan Ave, Suite B15, Palo Alto CA

Cost: Free! Or contribute to potluck, if you like. Bring a snack.

Star Citizen - Arena Commander - Vanduul Swarm competition and live event! Time limited runs of PVE Arena Commander will be the main qualification for winning. How fast can you clear the waves?

The event is a LAN Party so you can bring your own rig, but we'll have a couple of SC capable systems to use so you won't have to haul your system in to play.

Presented in conjunction with

Citizen Star News, concept & hosting

Operation Pitchfork, partnership & co-branding

Cloud Imperium Games, who donated all the ship prizes

Bay Area Ready Team, San Francisco Bay Area's Star Citizen Org

And a special thank you to our artist Zoom who had the idea to do Cowboy Bebop inspired art. They really turned out well.