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(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-07-18 - In this organization profile we talk to a classic trade organization, The Galactic Trade Federation (TGTF). All about accumulating wealth and economic power. TGTF also co-founded the 'Allied Commerce Coalition' (ACC), a coalition or alliance of organizations that includes 'Aperture Science Inc', Autonomous Transport Recon and Exploration (ATRAX), Avalanche and the 9th Ghost Security Group. By means of a strong coalition they hope to build up a powerful factory network and snap up a large market share, as well as share the burden of infrastructure (shared forums and teamspeak). Achieving an "economy of scale" as they say, while maintaining a relative independence.

Citizen Star News (CSN): What inspired you to found The Galactic Trade Federation?

BigPain, Founder TGTF: I believe this is incidentally two questions in one in the case of the Federation. Or, at least, it has two answers. The first factor is (without trying to sound bombastic or prideful) the belief in my leadership talent and experience. The former is luck to some extent; the latter is nothing of the sort.In every MMO I have ever played, I have never been content to fly someone else's banner. In almost every case I have founded my own guild/corporation/alliance and built it up to become one of the most significant players in its universe. I know how to build a successful organization. I know how to sell my ideas so that people come flocking to my banner and then I can transform a group of complete strangers from across the globe into a lean, mean machine. Ok... enough about me.

The second factor, and the direct inspiration for The Galactic Trade Federation really came from perusing RSI's organizations page. Good ideas are contagious. I enjoy taking inspiration from scores of existing orgs, then baking it into something original and unique. My branding technique was no different. Star Citizen is ultimately a sci-fi adventure, so I borrowed the name from Star Wars, the tagline from Marvel's Iron Man 3, and the title font from Transformers. As I said, good ideas are contagious; there is nothing new under the sun. :)

CSN: How do you plan to build the organization as the game draws closer to launch?

BigPain: The top-level hierarchy of the Federation is laid out in our corporate manifesto, which is currently available to the public. [TGTF comprises three wings: Trade, Security and 'Free Ops' (covert operations). - Ed.] However the inner workings of the Federation is privileged information and available only to our business partners in the Allied Commerce Coalition. Needless to say, there will be many positions to fill, promotions to make, new hires to train, and operating procedures to be tested and improved before the Persistent Universe goes live some time in 2015 hopefully. Alpha and beta testing will be a crucial testing ground not just for CIG but also for us.

CSN: What's your concept for the 'in-game presence' of the org?

BigPain: Ahhh... now we get to the gist of the matter! The long term goals of the Federation cannot be explained in any way without discussing the broader vision for the coalition I helped to coagulate from disparate organizations and companies. The end goal of the ACC [Allied Commerce Coalition - Ed.] in the PU can be summed up in three words: control the economy. Depending on how the PU is laid out and balanced, the ACC hopes to take control of the economy of a whole planet, and possibly even an entire star system. The ACC will always have a contingent of players online to guard our assets and enforce our economic control.

The Federation will be a crucial cog in that machine. We will transport cargo, run factories, defend convoys, chase bounties occasionally, and provide military presence where necessary. The Federation will be versatile and agile, but also deliver a crushing blow at the point of our economic and physical attack.


CSN: Some parts of your org's history & manifesto suggest that sometimes you might use rather 'grey' methods in order to win an edge over the competition. Is that 'between the lines' impression correct? :)

The Free Ops Wing is [the] covert arm [...] with a prime focus on competition disruption as well as generating both capital and resource revenue for the Federation. [source]

BigPain: In a word... yes. The Galactic Trade Federation and the Allied Commerce Coalition adhere to UEE law, but will not hesitate to use force to defend their interests.

CSN: Would you mind sharing a bit about your plans & ideas for your own in-game character?

Big Pain: Star Citizen is going to be AWESOME in both the literal and more common meanings of the word. The first month or two after the release of the Persistent Universe will be mayhem. Just face it. Everyone will be going everywhere trying to explore, discover, build, and conquer. As a leader of the ACC and Prime Director of the Federation, my character must be a rock that can be relied upon by the employees of all our affiliated companies. I personally have the urge to get out and explore, however. I plan to use the brief window before the ACC plants its flag to explore and see as much of the Universe as possible. This will blend nicely with the need of the ACC to find a homeworld early on in the PU. My character will have a blast. I will follow my heart and see where my solar sails take me!

CSN: What could CIG do for you to help you be successful? What do you need in the Star Citizen 'verse?

BigPain: The most important thing for any businessman or squadron commander is information. I know that CIG is putting a lot of effort into ships and game mechanics right now, and as Tony Zurovec begins to design the PU, I just ask that information systems and mechanics be given their due share of attention. Without accurate, reliable intel, all the planning in the world could not prevent us from running around like chickens with our heads chopped off. I am confident that I am preaching to the choir on this one. CIG is going to do a bang up job in every aspect of this game. Be patient everybody. :)

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