Org Profile: The First Order


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-01 - The First Order aims at making the 'Verse a better place for all, not just its members. This would make it fairly fairly unique, or at least unusual, among organizations. The Order is sworn to follow a doctrine of peace and prosperity for all-kind. Within its doctrine, they say they survive so that they may protect those weaker among us that need guidance.

Its founding organizational documents allude to a great history harkening back through ancient times and struggles of empires long fallen. What impact they can have on today's United Empire of Earth remains to be seen.

The Citizen Star recently got a chance to talk to founders MarsMike and Harrison McCoy to find out more about this up and coming organization.

Citizen Star News (CSN): What inspired you to found the First Order?

MarsMike - It was a combination of factors.  One of the factors was the amazingly compelling level of quality I saw being put into the game at an early stage.  I was a avid supporter of Freelancer and could only imagine what it could have been if it would have stayed Digital Anvil till release.  I think that the beauty of Star Citizen is that it has everything that Chris Roberts stands for and all the passion from people who have worked along side him for decades.  You know when you see and dream team and something special is about to happen.  I wanted to be part of that history as a Gamer, Storyteller, Scholar.

Now with the promise of a deeply immersive experience I asked myself, what could I add that might be a value to others.  The one thing I came up with is a unique interpretation of our real past in a way that is fun and intriguing to others.  If I help one other person enjoy this game and provide them some purpose that they would not have found otherwise then it is all worth it.  That is why we are focused on a very inclusive gameplay style for the members that we are recruiting.  Some people want a PvP experience, and that is great.  Personally I have tended to be more of a PvE with the intent of having more than enough capability to defend myself.

Our Lore allows us to take it a step further in that we can provide a safe haven for those players who want to be PvE or those who perhaps want to be PvP in the form of legal paramilitary security.  In the Verse that is being designed there is no guarantees of safety anywhere so we must always be capable to match new threats with wit and weaponry, where strategy and diplomacy may otherwise fail.

CSN: Were there other events that drove you found First Order? 

MarsMike - The World that we live into today is Shaping the Verse that we are designing to play in tomorrow.  The one thing that is connected between the two are the real threats of today that often times are ignored or bypassed rather than taken head on.  I realize that Star Citizen in itself isn't geopolitical in it's goals but many of the players that will be in game will use it as an escape from their surrounds.  Much like Star Trek was a outlet for Gene Rodenberry to talk about subjects like the Cold War, Terrorism, Welfare, Capitalism.   I think that Star Citizen will be a sounding board of gamers to express ideas without fear of reproach.   The Citizens that will be in the Verse will come from all corners of the globe. And if I can have a place where they feel they can stand for the rights of others in a way they otherwise cannot in real life then that is a win.

So when I see Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Iran, and depending on the day the USA in struggles beyond my control I am certainly driven to a place like Star Citizen and it community that are just looking for fun in a place that is better than we all live.

CSN: How do you plan to spend the time and build an organization as the game draws closer to launch?

MarsMike - Right now I have a great ally with my friend and co-founder that is constantly asking what the next move is in growing what the First Order can be.  On that front, opening a gmail at , or a Twitter @TheFirstOrderSC, or our teamspeak with our FSLAN friends to finally a Facebook. There are many ways that people can follow us and what we are doing.  As I test an Oculus , or experiment with a HOTAS setup whatever the trial of the week is our followers will know about it.  Most importantly as a subscriber I do my best to look at the raw concepts that not everyone can see in my group and let them know what is about to happen and put there questions in the subscriber forums if that helps get them answers.

Harrison McCoy - As of now for me it’s keeping up with our sites and gmail, along with posting in the Star Citizen Forums. I will also continue to meet with different SC members around the world to find artists and players  who are willing to help our org. We had a member generously create some lore based wallpapers for the org. I am very excited to hopefully have new members join us and I will keep updating our various social sites!

CSN: What are your thoughts on how the organization is going to work?

MarsMike - I like the direction they are headed.  Hiding your Primary or Secondary orgs from new orgs you are joining will be something I will keep my eyes on as a leader to protect my members from mischief.  I hope that placing seasoned and early backers of Star Citizen in key leadership roles we can keep a check on espionage.  Information is power and it is important that we have the right people recruited not the most people.  To me a successful organization isn't measured in ranks, polls, or amount of members.  It is measured in the experience that we can help create in the Verse.  If we do it right we might have a lot of members but that isn't my driving force.  I think the way that the orgs are shaping up can really help in some key areas to reinforce that.

Harrison McCoy - Our personal org is going to work in many ways. We already have people interested in Mining, Merching, Gunning, Security, etc. and I am very excited to see all the other ways our org will be able to function. Right now, as I mentioned earlier, we are focused on a form of equality, in order to ensure that our members are having fun overall. In that pursuit our organization should be a really fun experience! Even if you dont have a ship, or if you just need some credits for one we will find some way to help you and will have significant jobs for players. All this to ensure that everyone in the org feels appreciated and like they have an overall value.

CSN: Would you describe your concept for in game presence, your personal character and how the Org will be present?

MarsMike - My character will be one of a Elder in the First Order, a keeper of ancient text back to times even before when Greece City States were being founded.  Our Org is one that hopes to live Immortal, the texts that we pass through the centuries is only a fraction as important as the action that we put behind protect innocents in all forms.  Tragedy tends to follow those who follow such a path and the personal history of my character will be rich in the losses and sacrifices that he has seen in the face of war, poverty, and cruelty.  But the redemption that we can all find within ourselves when we are motivated to selfless action is what Rear Admiral - Mars Mike saved him from becoming just another footnote to history.  Now after 15 years of service to the Order his goal is the strengthen it for a great Evil that is approaching in the Verse.  The Empire is on the verge of collapse but it isn't from the threats that are seen clearly today and that is where our story will begin.

Harrison McCoy -  Harrison McCoy. He believes the world is a fairly organized place. Whether it's meant to be or not, it is in his eyes. He believes it is a personal choice for each individual to help in this organization process or choose otherwise. McCoy joined The First Order which began to change his own life, he chooses to now be more orderly. Not in some things, but in mostly everything. Yet, he isn't strict, which is somewhat surprising since he believes in schedules and order. He believes in preserving life, which trumps all of his other views and systems in his mind. But yet, he refuses to let anyone tell him he is a hypocrite for smoking while he saves lives. Because he is so experienced that he has learned that it is better to live as a bent and broken person than a perfect dead person. His mind seems to be the only thing that is perfectly orderly about him, which makes him come across as rigid and cold at first. But his spirit is a flame, something that has no controlled direction or barriers whatsoever. He doesn't have rage, he just believes in justice. And that's a good excuse as to why he goes through life with a chip on his shoulder. He believes in not only justice, but Divine Justice through The First Order. And this is in his heart. This is why people of the galaxies love the structured life of McCoy. His values are the most organized thing in the known universe. His heart beats for the lives of many others. Saving your life, then takes you out for a beer.

So people really look up to him, and he knows it, but he doesn't know how to take the attention, since it's just who he has always been. He's a teacher not by choice, but by habit.

My current occupation is Security detail for different squads and work forces. We travel around searching for undiscovered segments of the galaxy, while mining space rocks. Every now and then I go to a bar, on one of the local planets, for a drink and a smoke. My friends tell me that smoking a pack on my ship is unhealthy, but, I have been through enough to understand life or death......compared to cigarettes and cancer.

CSN: What could CIG do for you to help you be successful? What do you need in the Star Citizen 'verse?

MarsMike - I believe that CIG is doing a great job, a new place to gather and share ideas would be nice but a traditional chat room seems very limited.  I would love to see a Social Module release prioritized, a simple open landscape that Citizens could be planetside and interact would be quite enjoyable.  Honestly I cannot think of any other tangible goals I could suggest at this time.

Harrison McCoy -  Honestly, as of now I would like a friend system. I don’t like not being able to have a friend chat that is easy to access from my computer or even my phone. I love staying connected to the SC forums, I just wish I could be more easily connected when leaving my house…

Otherwise, they are doing a fantastic job and I have been able to meet quite a few amazing people in the verse. Many have been able to help me quite a bit and allow me to get lost in the lore of this universe, which is pretty cool, knowing that the game isn't even out. I feel like our org is going in the direction we want- in order to enjoy it while having a good time exploring the universe.