Operation Trident No More - Leader Joins Operation Pitchfork


(Citizen Star/NEWS) - 2944-03-01 - Gamgee, Founder of the Operation Trident organization has dissolved the group, citing fractured motives and internal politics. The movement was founded in October of 2943 by reputed pirate by the name of Zeno, as a counter to the independent pilots intent on facing off with the alien Vanduul threat, Operation Pitchfork. Gamgee later founded the official organization. Trident was seen by some as a peace movement and by others a thinly veiled cover for pirates and privateers to operate with some level of claim to moral high-ground.

Trident is fully dissolved. I doubt you'll ever see the moniker again. Now if those same people choose to use another title is something else entirely. I found the majority of people who claimed to join Trident were in it for themselves. I feel they have enough organization to reform into a new group purely in it for profit. If they ever want to unify again. ~ Gamgee

Some suspicion remains of the newly converted Trident members as one of the known planned tactics was to join up with Pitchfork and sabotage and/or attack their squadrons.

Trident publicly stated their formation was based on the belief that not all Vanduul are ruthless killers, and that peace loving Vanduuls exist. But as time goes on it becomes more and more clear that the Vanduul is a very real threat to the continued existence of human civilization. The Vanduul raid systems and "harvest" raw materials to feed their nomadic societies and it is known that their harvesters will consume humans.

Some who wish to avoid further conflict still hold out hope that either the Banu or Xi'an may be able to assist in opening diplomatic relations, with the so far unresponsive Vanduul. Gamgee himself has still been arguing a change in tactics to switch from a counter-attack strategy to one of focusing on defense.

When reached for comment, the pilot who goes by the callsign "Gamgee" added:

You have to realize a year ago the public had very little information on the Vanduul. The UEE was keeping any information they had to themselves. They were refusing to answer any questions on the matter of the Vanduul. We were all simply told to hate them and given no reason or evidence. On top of this scholars theorized we could have intruded upon their holy space. Now in retrospective this is clearly not the case. Operation Trident was always about making sure Earth was safe. We did not feel goading the Vanduul into an attack was an appropriate course of action.

Only in the last month have the UEE reached a point of partial disclosure. A new internal report by the UEE Space Marshal sheds light on the Vanduul fleet to their staff. Including such destructive ships as the Harvester ships. I studied the designs of the harvester and came to the obvious conclusion that it is intended for eradication. Another undisclosed report with extreme accuracy is telling us they are planning to attack no matter what. At this point it was obvious Trident was no longer necessary.

As for my preference for defensive strategy? I feel it could be our best plan of operation since we would have UEE defensive infrastructure to help alongside Pitchforks numbers in stopping the Vanduul. They would be attacking us on our terms and in our territory. However all battle plans are subject to change as we learn more.

I know there are rumors about the internal dealings of Trident members having an internal schism but I can't comment on those.

As always I will continue to look for a peaceful solution to this problem. If the Vanduul insist upon attacking us however they may give me no choice.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you all have a nice evening, and remember Earth First. 

Perhaps one day the Vanduul can be taught that Humans are not resources for their use and we can begin to talk about some level of accord, but it seems increasingly clear that they must be fought now.


Note: Original Trident Founder, Zeno, was not available for comment before article release.