Operation Pitchfork Special Report 2 - Redemption at Hand


(Ajax News Network/Cozmo) - 2944-07-29 - Today an inforunner delivered a report from Cozmo, an intrepid journalist with Ajax News Networks, a news organization who specialize in covering the news from Operation Pitchfork and the struggle against the Vanduul. Cozmo appears to have been injured in the course of an investigation, and we hope he made it to a med-bay after completing this recording.

From the message meta-data:

One of the Ajax News Networks investigative reporters, Cozmo pulls in a favour from an old informant to uncover a new breed of star ship secretly developed by Aegis Dynamics. In getting the scoop on the new ship their cover is blown.

For many years now the civilian fleets have had a hole in their line-up with the inability to land troops securely on the ground while under fire and for the members of Operation Pitchfork this has posed tactical problems for their commanders.

Meet the Aegis Dynamics Redeemer, the new line of gunship available on the commercial market. This fills the void in Operation Pitchfork’s armaments and will prove invaluable to the cause.