The Next Great Starship Episode 1.8


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-03-21 - Big news today: Saved teams (disclosed after the break), and the new updated concepts are starting to be quite sophisticated. Also, a look at the progress on the Mustang, and an interview with Chris Roberts.

Teams saved are 3Dingo and Tallon! Congrats guys! (Time Index 38:45)

My favorite quote in the show was from Sandi: "You're good... You sound good... well not anymore."

Controversially, Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother and SC super fan, has been brought on as TNGS Community Ambassador. He brings us a second look at the Mustang at time index 23:45 (with an honest to god airlock!) and a surprisingly lengthy interview with Chris Roberts starting at time index 25:53.

Fans were given a chance to get free tickets to the final show. Attentive followers of my twitter feed may have been among them. Follow @CzenStar for future tips.