The Next Great Starship Episode 1.4


(Citizen Star News) 2014-02-21 - The latest episode of CIG's The Next Great Starship is now available.


  • Sandi checks in with the members of the surviving teams.
  • Mustang reveal as an interview w/ Concept Artist David Hobbins.
  • Announcement of the winner of the Wild Card vote.



There was no real on set show, unlike the previous weeks. This week VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner hosted from the conference room at CIG and spoke to contestants, presumably over skype. A high production value segment featuring David Hobbins and his design of the Mustang starter ship was dropped in. Sandi reprises the same red dress she's worn in the previous episodes which I suppose has become a TNGS uniform.

Quick edit style during the interviews was a little disorienting but did well at keeping the interviews moving and not get boring. Nice enthusiasm and interesting getting to meet these people. Talking to the foriegn teams gave Sandi a chance to show off a bit of her reputed talent for languages. We've heard she speaks quite a few. And we saw a few teasers of the gunship designs.

The interview with David Hobbins was extensive and we were privileged to see a number of views of the new ship as well as getting to know the designer (who has a really fascinating pedigree) and his thought process.

Great show! Enjoyed very much. This is actually quite challenging format. Reality competition shows are really not my taste. But when I watch, I feel like I shouldn't like it -- but still do. So quite the accomplishment.