The Next Great Starship Episode 1.15


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-30 - Last elimination round of the Star Citizen show The Next Great Starship, where teams compete for cash prizes to create the best community built ship for inclusion into the final game. One team from today moves on into the final head to head on June 7th.

(Timeindexes after the break.)

Sadly 3Dingo was not able to make the deadline so was disqualified. Many had wondered why they weren't featured in the episode preview, so that's one mystery solved. Very sad not to have them there. Missed you guys. (Update: 3Dingo was allowed to compete for third place. So not totally eliminated from the competition, just from the round. - Ed.)

Infinite Xue Monkey - 2:58

Shard Collective - 14:07

Vote - 25:44

Result - 27:28

3rd Place Pool - 27:45

3rd Place Vote is open!