The Next Great Starship Episode 1.14


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-23 - Getting down to the last teams, and now working on the in-engine phase. The competitors have been taking the designs and implementing into the CryTek's CryENGINE environment..

Today... 3 teams enter; one team leaves. Shimapan, Four Horsemen and Tallon struggle for survival.

(Timeindexes after the break.)

Shimapan - 6:20

Four Horsemen - 14:38

Tallon - 26:36

Vote - 37:30

Results - 41:02

Very difficult vote as we expected. Although one team emerged as a clear winner in the end.

Eliminated teams will be eligible for 3rd place picked by community vote. Winning team will face off with next week's winner at the final live show on June 7th.