Letter to the UEE - Operation Pitchfork


(Citizen Star/News) - 2944-02-24 - Editor's Note: The following is a personal letter, in video form, to the UEE. Detailing how Nights Wrath from the Underworld Knights will be covering Operation Pitchfork. Recording is datestamped 2943-12-05 and made it's way to us via courier from the fringes. Presented without comment and does not represent the views of the Citizen Star/NEWS conglomerate.


Operation Pitchfork is a independent pilot led initiative to invade the territory of an enemy alien race in order to recapture the planet of Orion, an old Human settlement that was overrun by the Vanduul in years past.

Unsubstantiated rumours indicate this individual may aslo have been involved with producing the other video for Operation Pitchfork: A Forker's Tale.

Citizen Star/NEWS will be bringing what news we can from the fringes and Operation Pitchfork.