Interview: Travis Day CSN & The Base - 2014-10-24


(Citizen Star News) - By Citizen Ed - 2014-10-28 - Travis Day was able to take time out of his day, Friday evening - Oct 24th, right after his excellent Comm-Link on the Ship Pipeline was published.

Topics covered include:

  • The Ship Creation Pipeline
  • What is a Manticore? (New ship listed on the status part of the comm-link, apparently by accident.) - 3:10
  • What is a Xi'An Volper? - 4:42
  • Travis' current role(s) at CIG - 7:05
  • FPS features in AC II? Capture the Idris mode - 11:26
  • Recent changes and restructuring of the responsibilities and staff. 16:14
  • Release Schedules, and the delays - 18:41
  • Damage states, possibility of Procedural Damage States - 38:08
  • Suprise appearance of some guy, went by the name Chris Roberts? Who? - 39:56
  • Star Citizen Imagine video - 48:09
  • Patch 13.2 details about how joystick controls are improved - 54:07
  • Extra Life Charity & James Pugh's livestream - 1:02:00
  • PAX Aus and FPS - 1:04:18

Bonus - Next day, during CIG Assistant Community Manager James Pugh's 24 hour livestream for Extra Life:

Star Citizen Producer Travis Day Answers Questions about the First Person Shooter Module...

Thanks to YouTuber KingNewbs for pulling that out of the stream and putting that into its own video.

NOTE: You may be tempted to ask, what's with the animated avatar in the CSN interview? Face Rig is an example of a technology that uses a web cam to animate the facial expressions and pose of an avatar. This type of functionality (although not FaceRig specifically to my knowledge) has been featured as one of the long term goals of Star Citizen. So it seemed appropriate to experiment with this technology in our video interviews.

Broadcasting from the Flight Deck of a UEE Bengal class carrier. (Concept Art CIG, used with permission.)

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