Hull Truth interviews Ben Lesnick


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-04-19 - Just before the PAX East reveal of Arena Commander (Dog Fighting Module) Wes of the Hull Truth managed to sit down with Ben Lesnick for a great comprehensive interview. Ben's official title is Community Manager, but that doesn't quite cover the entirety of how instrumental he's been to the genesis of Star Citizen.

This interview cements my impression of both Ben and Wes as really great guys. Wes dives in deep asking about the Wing Commander past, the beginning of Star Citizen, and details of what's coming in the future.

Kr'Thak is an Eric Peterson concept? That's news to me. Interesting bit of information.

The cargo system sounds like it is going to be a comprehensive change, to both the way we think about it, from tonnage to cubic meters, and the ship designs.

Hull Truth

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